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We present ELODIE.3.1, an updated release of the library published in Prugniel & Soubiran (2001, 2004). The library includes 1962 spectra of 1388 stars obtained with the ELODIE spectrograph at the Observatoire de Haute-Provence 193cm telescope in the wavelength range 390 to 680 nm. It provides a wide coverage of atmospheric parameters : T ef f from 3100 K(More)
We are using full spectrum fitting to determine the ages and metallicities of Galactic clusters (M67 and globular clusters). We find that the method is very accurate to measure the metallicity. Blue horizontal branches are well identified as a 'young' sub-component, and the age of the 'old' component is in fair agreement with CMD determinations. Goal. The(More)
The stellar population models dramatically progressed with the arrival of large and complete libraries, ELODIE, CFLIB (=Indo-US) and MILES at a relatively high resolution. We show that the quality of the fits is not anymore limited by the size of the stellar libraries in a large range of ages (0.1 to 10 Gyrs) and metallicities (-2 to +0.4 dex). The main(More)
We present optical VLT spectroscopy of 16 dwarf elliptical galaxies (or dEs) comparable in mass to NGC 205, and belonging to the Fornax cluster and to nearby groups of galaxies. Using full-spectrum fitting, we derive radial profiles of the SSP-equivalent ages and metallicities. We make a detailed analysis with ulyss and steckmap of the star-formation(More)
Aims. We provide an easy-to-use full-spectrum fitting package and explore its applications to (i) the determination of the stellar atmospheric parameters and (ii) the study of the history of stellar populations. Methods. We developed ULySS, a package to fit spectroscopic observations against a linear combination of non-linear model components convolved with(More)
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