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Triosephosphate isomerase (TIM) of the hyperthermophilic Archaea Pyrococcus woesei and Methanothermus fervidus have been purified to homogeneity. The enzymes from the two hyperthermophiles represent homo-tetramers of 100 kDa, contrary to all known bacterial and eukaryotic TIMs, which are dimers of 48-60 kDa. Molecular size determination of the TIM from the(More)
Recombinant triosephosphate isomerase (TIM) from a hyperthermophilic Archaeon, Pyrococcus woesei, has been crystallized. Three crystal forms have been obtained: monoclinic, orthorhombic and hexagonal. The monoclinic crystals belong to space group P21 with cell dimensions a = 79.1, b = 89.2, c = 145.4 A and beta = 92.8 degrees, and diffract to at least 2.6(More)
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