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Nine patients with histologically confirmed Horton's diseases were explored by Doppler ultrasound examination, before and after corticotherapy, of the cervical arteries, temporal arteries (N = 9), and branches of the ophthalmic artery: internal nasal (N = 9), central retinal, and supraorbital (N = 6). Excellent correlations existed between histological(More)
The Haseman-Elston (HE) regression method and its extensions are widely used in genetic studies for detecting linkage to quantitative trait loci (QTL) using sib pairs. The principle underlying the simple HE regression method is that the similarity in phenotypes between two siblings increases as they share an increasing number of alleles identical by descent(More)
The authors report a case of traumatic ventricular septal defect associated with tricuspid incompetence after blunt injury of the chest. This case is the third one described in the literature. This case includes several unusual features: (1) the patient was a 52 year old man. Wounds of the heart usually happen to younger people; (2) clinical manifestations(More)
The analysis of 170 cases of flail chests, divide into three groups according to the type of treatment, proves the efficiency of the new technics of assisted ventilation and of the osteosynthesis by Judet clasps. The most significant advantages of those two complementary methods are a lowered mortality rate and a reduced frequency of refractory hypoxy and(More)
The analysis of velocities by the Doppler effect has limited applications in venous pathology. There are, however, many potential advantages: the introduction of deep venous catheters, early diagnosis of venous thrombosis, studies of venous incompetence, right sided cardiopathies, follow-up of medical and surgical treatment (thrombolytics, venous(More)