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These experiments examined the effects of intra-amygdala injections of NMDA receptor antagonists on the acquisition and retention of inhibitory avoidance. In Expt. I, rats received bilateral intra-amygdala injections of the NMDA antagonists D,L-AP5 (1-10 micrograms), D-AP5 (0.03-1 micrograms), CPP (0.125 or 0.375 microgram), or MK-801 (0.2 or 0.5 microgram)(More)
Effects of hypothermia on the afferent somatosensory transmission to the ventroposteromedial (VPM) thalamus were determined in anesthetized rats and hamsters. Hamsters showed a gradual suppression of afferent sensory transmission during cooling (to 18 degrees C) and disinhibition during subsequent warming of body temperature (Tb). However, rats exhibited(More)
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