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This paper addresses the problem of nonlinear output regulation for nonlinear systems driven by nonlinear exosystems. Under appropriate hypotheses, a new discontinuous control algorithm based on integral sliding modes is proposed to ensure the tracking error to approach to zero asymptotically. Stability analysis of the closed-loop systems is carried out(More)
Space missions to libration points are an interesting opportunity to perform deep space explorations reducing costs and risks and to obtain better results by taking advantages of invariant manifolds of periodic orbits. This paper studies the chaining of periodic orbits via their invariant manifolds to provide various types of low energy orbits for space(More)
For nonlinear systems affine in the control, controller design is considered with constraints on state variables. A change of variables is proposed to establish the diffeomorphism between the constrained domain in the original coordinates and the whole state space in the new coordinates. The introduction of the diffeomorphism eliminates the constraints on(More)
Robust H<sub>infin</sub> controller design is considered for uncertain Delta operator systems. Based on the bounded real lemma of Delta operator systems, the existence conditions of robust H<sub>infin</sub> controllers are presented in the form of a linear matrix inequality (LMI). The robust controller is then designed via solving the given inequality.(More)
For the control of large angle maneuvers of a spacecraft, variable gain backstepping control is proposed. The controller can make the states of the system converge to the commanded position along the input vector field orientation. The controller stabilizes the system with the amplitude of the commanded torques decreased. Considering the uncertainty of the(More)
For a missile with blended lateral jets and aerodynamic fins, a simplified model is derived in short period for the longitudinal plane. Since the fast response requirement on the attitude of the missile, lateral jets are preferable to aerodynamic fins for rapid response, both of which can provide attitude control torque, but with different response speeds.(More)
To attack targets with towed decoys, a method of estimation of line-of-sight angle rate in precision guidance process is proposed. The motion model of the target and the towed decoy is established as the basis of estimation of the line-of-sight angle. Then the estimate of line-of-sight angle rate is obtained by means of observation from the high-gain(More)
For a class of nonlinear uncertain systems driven by a linear, neutrally stable exosystem, output regulation problem is considered with the existence of unknown nonlinear function and external disturbances. Using fuzzy logic systems (FLS) to approximate the unknown functions, a fuzzy adaptive observer is designed to estimate the state. An internal model(More)
For uncertain discrete time systems described by Delta operator, robust stabilization problem and H<sub>&#x0221E;</sub> control problem are discussed. Based on the conception of quadratic stability and quadratic stabilization, linear matrix inequality method is applied to design robust stabilizers, and robust H<sub>&#x0221E;</sub> controllers in the cases(More)
Attitude control is investigated for an underactuated rigid spacecraft using arbitrary configuration of the single gimbal control moment gyros (SGCMGs) as actuators. The spacecraft and SGCMGs being taken as an integrated system, dynamics and kinematics are described on the angular momentum level sets. The controllability of the system is analyzed and the(More)