M Kathleen Benage

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BACKGROUND After focus groups revealed that staff perceived a punitive culture, Missouri Baptist Medical Center (MBMC) embarked on a comprehensive patient safety program, which was initially directed at creating a just culture of patient safety. INTERVENTIONS A series of structures, processes, and initiatives were introduced to change the attitudes of(More)
BACKGROUND After more than three years of violence in Syria, Lebanon hosts over one million Syrian refugees creating significant public health concerns. Antenatal care delivery to tens of thousands of pregnant Syrian refugee women is critical to preventing maternal and fetal mortality but is not well characterized given the multiple factors obtaining health(More)
BACKGROUND There is widespread interest in improving medication safety, particularly in the hospital setting. Numerous suggestions have been made as to how this should be done, but there is a paucity of data demonstrating the effectiveness of any of the interventions that have been proposed. OBJECTIVES To assess the impact of a wide ranging, community(More)
All of the widely administered vaccines have been reported to cause uveitis. The ocular inflammation is usually temporary and resolves with topical ocular steroids. During a 26-year period, a total of 289 cases of vaccine-associated uveitis were reported to three adverse reaction reporting databases. Hepatitis B vaccine, either alone or administered with(More)
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