M. Katherine Crabtree

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OBJECTIVES This study sought to assess the ability of medical and nurse practitioner students to use MEDLINE to obtain evidence for answering clinical questions and to identify factors associated with the successful answering of questions. METHODS A convenience sample of medical and nurse practitioner students was recruited. After completing instruments(More)
OBJECTIVES Despite the growing use of online databases by clinicians, there has been very little research documenting how effectively they are used. This study assessed the ability of medical and nurse-practitioner students to answer clinical questions using an information retrieval system. It also attempted to identify the demographic, experience,(More)
The Clinical Prevention and Population Health Curriculum Framework (Curriculum Framework) was developed by the Healthy People Curriculum Task Force comprised of representatives from allopathic and osteopathic medicine, dentistry, nursing and nurse practitioners, pharmacy and physicians assistants. This multidiscipline Task Force was covened to address the(More)
Today, oil companies produce an average of three barrels of water for each barrel of oil from their depleting reservoirs. Every year more than $40 billion is spent dealing with unwanted water. In many cases, innovative water-control technology can lead to significant cost reduction and improved oil production. (three-phase fluid holdup log), USI (UltraSonic(More)
A collaborative research project conducted by nurse practitioners (NPs) was undertaken to establish a profile of NPs practicing in the San Francisco Bay area. The profile consisted of information regarding educational preparation, certification, employment status, salary, and practice characteristics. A mail survey of all Bay area NPs was implemented to(More)
Health conceptions, perceived health status and health behaviors were compared for 58 adults; 29 with cardiovascular disease and 29 who were healthy. Data were collected by interview. Results indicated similarities in health conceptions and behaviors for the two groups. The cardiovascular patients perceived themselves less healthy overall but when health(More)
Although many nurse practitioners may be interested in documenting aspects of their practice through research, resource and time constraints can limit the opportunity. Collaboration can be a practical and rewarding approach to making research feasible for clinicians. Under the auspices of a professional nursing organization, a group of San Francisco Bay(More)
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