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We have treated 10 patients (five women and five men) with lichen sclerosus (LS), verified by histopathological studies from skin biopsies, with CO2 laser vaporization. All men studied had LS of the penile skin, of the women, three had extragenital lesions and two LS of the perineal skin. The mean follow-up time was 32 months (range 3-79 months). One man(More)
We have compared the efficacy of digoxigenin- and biotin-labelled probes in detecting HPV DNA by in situ hybridization on paraffin-embedded tissue sections of 57 male condyloma-suspect genital lesions. Each biopsy was hybridized with at least three of the following four methods: digoxigenin-labelled HPV DNA probes (Dig-HPV), biotinylated HPV-DNA probes(More)
BACKGROUND Familial benign chronic pemphigus (Hailey-Hailey disease) is characterized by recurrent blistering lesions, mainly in the neck and intertriginous areas. No controlled studies on laser treatment of this condition have been published. OBSERVATIONS We used carbon dioxide laser vaporization to treat skin lesions in eight patients. In the six(More)
Nodular prurigo (NP) is a chronic skin disease causing severe itch of unknown origin in restricted skin areas surrounded by healthy skin areas. In the present investigation we studied cutaneous sensibility in five NP-patients and in five control subjects. Pain thresholds were determined with short argon laser pulses using two different sizes of stimulus(More)
Treatment of genital warts by laser surgery was performed in 100 male patients under local infiltration (2-6 ml 1% Xylocaine) or topical anesthesia with 2.5-7.5 ml EMLA cream. EMLA cream was applied to the warts ten minutes before the operation. Pain was significantly less during application of EMLA than during infiltration of Xylocaine. Infiltration(More)
Pivampicillin and doxycycline were compared in the treatment of chlamydial urethritis in 80 heterosexual men. The trial was carried out in a double-blind, comparative parallel group fashion. Forty patients were treated with 700 mg of pivampicillin twice daily and another 40 with 200 mg of doxycycline on the first day and thereafter with 100 mg of(More)
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