M Karkinen-Jääskeläinen

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The interactive events leading to lens formation and the developmental potentialities of the presumptive lens ectoderm were examined in vitro. The presumptive lens ectoderm of both mouse and chick embryos was capable of forming a lens even when isolated from the optic vesicle before the two tissues reach the stage of close association. This lens-forming(More)
The origin of the glomerular endothelium has remained unsettled, although it has mostly been assumed that it is derived from the metanephric mesenchyme, like, the other parts of the nephron. Since our recent observations did not support this concept, the development of the vasculature of the kidney and of the glomerular endothelium was studied using both(More)
We describe 11 severely damaged fetuses, their placentas, and defective membranes involved in the amniotic adhesion malformation syndrome. The constantly abnormal relation between the fetus and placenta, the absence of the free umbilical cord, the extremely short umbilical cord, common absence of an umbilical artery, and severe malformations in internal(More)
Fifteen patients, 11 females and 4 males, aged 4-16 years with follicle-derived differentiated thyroid carcinoma treated at the Helsinki University Central Hospital during 1953 through 1984 are reported. Histologically 13 carcinomata were papillary, 1 follicular and 1 was suspected to be follicular carcinoma (atypic adenoma). Eleven (73%) had cervical(More)
The clinically known sensitive period of rubella cataract was studied in vitro by infecting 79 human eye rudiments from embryos aged 4-10 wk with rubella virus. The course of the infection was followed by histological and indirect immunofluorescence methods. Of the rudiments, 12 pairs were in the lens placode or open-lens-vesicle stage, 40 already had(More)
The directive influence of the optic vesicle during lens induction of 2-day chick embryos was studied in vitro. Trunk ectoderm was chosen for the responding tissue. This uncommitted ectoderm formed distinct lentoid bodies when grown together with the optic vesicle. Crystallin synthesis was demonstrated in the lentoids with fluorescein labelled antiserum. By(More)
A retrospective study was made of 36 patients with primary gastrointestinal (GI) non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), of which 16 occurred in stomach, 14 in small intestine, 3 in ileocecal region and 3 in large intestine. The mean age was 57 years. According to the 'Working Formulation' large cell lymphomas were most common. All patients were surgically explored, 27(More)
A fatal case of pulmonary berylliosis in a 59-year-old male is described. Three months after a heavy exposure to the dust of broken fluorescent light bulbs he developed severe respiratory distress with bilateral lower zone opacities on the chest radiograph. Histological examination of a lung biopsy revealed inflammatory changes with a granulomatous(More)