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The QRS detection is the entry point for almost all the ECG applications. This paper presents a new simple and efficient FPGA-Based implementation of the well-known Pan and Tompkins QRS detection algorithm. The design is implemented using Xilinx design tool, System Generator for DSP. In the authors' view, the specific features, that is simplicity,(More)
In this paper we introduce a simple framework for the Structure From Motion problem resolution using the classical and general formulation of the problem. We propose a two steps algorithm that does not impose any constraints on the scene. The purpose of the first step is the extraction of a convenient “Projective Reconstruction” using a simple(More)
Any cell of a network experiences two types of call arrival; new originating call, and handoff call from surrounding cells. If the number of busy users around a cell is finite with an average value of N, then rest of the radio resources of the network can be assigned to support handoff calls. So, for handoff calls, the traffic case resembles a network with(More)
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