M. Kalaiselvi Geetha

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Automatic classification of video content is receiving increased impact in the multimedia information processing. This paper inspects the problem of automatic video classification using static and dynamic features. Five different genres such as cartoon, sports, commercials, news and TV serial are studied for assessment. The approach exploits edge(More)
Appropriate organization of video databases is essential for pertinent indexing and retrieval of visual information. This paper proposes a new feature called Block Intensity Comparison Code (BICC) for video classification and an unsupervised shot change detection algorithm to detect the shot changes in a video stream using autoassociative neural network(More)
Driver fatigue has been one of the major causes of accidents all over the world. This paper presents a real-time fatigue monitoring system which exploits driver's eye to detect fatigue. The approach uses Viola-Jones Face Cascade of classifiers for the detection of Driver's Face. The eye region is estimated heuristically with respect to the width and height(More)
The mission of automatically recognizing different facial expressions in human-computer environment is significant and challenging. This paper presents a method to identify the facial expressions by processing images taken from Facial Expression Database. The approach for emotion recognition is based on the texture features extracted from the gray-level(More)
Handwritten document recognition is an area of pattern recognition that has been showing impressive performance in the machine printed text. Handwritten document recognition is an intricate task to various writing styles of individual person. The system first identifies the contour in a handwritten document for segmentation and features are extracted from(More)
Manual video surveillance is highly expensive and inconvenient in continuous monitoring by security personnel. So automatic video surveillance is needed. A large amount of security measure is required in public and private sectors due to terrorist activities. In this paper, an automatic activity recognition approach is proposed. The difference image is used(More)
Human gesture recognition has become a very important topic in computer vision. The purpose of this survey is to provide a detailed overview and categories of current issues and trends. The recognition of human hand gesture movement can be performed at various level of abstraction. This survey concentrate on approaches that aim on recognizing traffic police(More)