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Quantum chemical calculations have been performed on the ground state and several low-lying excited states of bromobenzene, ortho-, meta-, and para-dibromobenzene, and 1,3,5-tribromobenzene using high-level ab initio and hybrid density-functional methods. Experimental observations of ultrafast predissociation in these molecules are clarified from extensive(More)
A new reliability study in SiGe Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors (HBTs) is investigated resulting from electromagnetic field aggression. We demonstrate experimental evidence of current gain degradation during electromagnetic stress. The device degradation is due to the Hot Carrier (HC) injected into the emitter- base spacer oxide, which induces(More)
The photochemistry of low lying excited states of six different fluorinated bromobenzenes has been investigated by means of femtosecond laser spectroscopy and high level ab initio CASSCF/CASPT2 quantum chemical calculations. The objective of the work was to investigate how and to what extent light substituents, position on the benzene ring and number, would(More)
Photodissociation of diiodomethane (CH2I2) in acetonitrile solution has been studied with ab initio molecular dynamics simulations, which show how the iso-diiodomethane photoproduct (CH2I-I) can be formed. The first excited state, described by the "restricted open-shell Kohn-Sham" density functional method, is dissociative and photoexcitation of(More)
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