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The cardiac patient undergoing major urologic surgery is a complex case requiring a great attention by the anesthesiologist. Number of this group of patients having to go through this procedure is constantly increasing, due to prolonged life, increased agressiveness of surgery and increased anesthesia's safety. The anesthesiologist usually has to deal with(More)
Total body length and body segments (crown-rump length, sub-ischeal length) of 78 children with myelomeningocele were measured at regular intervals during growth for a mean duration of 4.4 years. These children were shown to have defective growth, with an increased upper segment/lower segment ratio. It was found that the higher the level of the meningocele(More)
CONTEXT Pre-existing renal dysfunction presents specific features that anesthesiologists must deal with. Anesthesia and renal function are connected and can interfere with each other. Induced hypotension anesthesia and the toxic effects of anesthetic drugs can further deteriorate renal function. EVIDENCE ACQUISITION Decreased renal function can prolong(More)
Adrenal gland surgery needs a multidisciplinary team including endocrinologist, radiologist, anesthesiologist, and surgeon. The indications for adrenal gland surgery include hormonal secreting and non-hormonal secreting tumors. Adrenal hormonal secreting tumors present to the anesthesiologist unique challenges requiring good preoperative evaluation,(More)
The simulation of a real experiment using a GATEmodeled clinical Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner, namely PHILIPS Allegro, has been carried out using the Moroccan computing Grid infrastructure, MaGrid. In order to reduce the computing time, the PET simulation tasks are split into several jobs submitted to the Grid to run simultaneously. The(More)
Liver surgery is often associated with increased likelihood of massive bleeding. The blood loss is one of major intraoperative issue the surgical team must deal with. Bleeding is usually present in cirrhotic patients but can be faced even in the patients with normal liver function undergoing liver surgery. Correction of preoperative abnormal coagulation's(More)
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