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A stereological comparison has been made of the structure of the lungs of the adult female domestic fowl and its wild progenitor the Red Jungle Fowl. The volume of the lung per unit body weight of the domestic bird is between 20 and 33% smaller than that of the wild bird. The domestic fowl has partly compensated for this by increasing the surface area for(More)
We redescribe the camallanid nematode Serpinema octorugatum (Baylis, 1933) from the box turtle Cuora amboinensis (Daudin) collected in Malaysia. In this redescription, we amend the original description by noting that there are only four cephalic papillae and that there are five pairs of post-anal papillae, and propose that the name of this species be(More)
A study was undertaken to 1) determine the effects of tobacco smoke exposure on maternal and neonatal weight and body mass index (BMI) and placental weight, volume and surface area and 2) establish any correlations between the placental surface area, volume and weight with maternal and neonatal body weight and BMI in mothers exposed to cigarette smoke. A(More)
This study was conducted to determine the effect of ethnicity on maternal, placental and neonatal parameters. Maternal, placental, and the newborn parameters were corrected for gestational age. The male:female sex ratio was 1:1.03. One hundred and forty-four freshly delivered placentae from 55 Malaysian, 51 Chinese, and 38 Indian normal healthy patients(More)
Chromosome analysis on different breed types of water buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) was undertaken to identify their karyotypes and to determine the pattern of chromosome segregation in crossbred water buffaloes. Altogether, 75 purebred and 198 crossbred buffaloes including 118 from Malaysia and 80 from the Philippines, were analyzed in this study. The(More)
Fasting serum specimens from (a) 217 male and 46 female patients with coronary artery disease (CAD), aged 35-75 years, who had undergone angioplasty (PTCA) / coronary artery bypass graft (CABG), and (b) 160 apparently healthy controls (106 males, 54 females, aged 30-75 years), were assessed for serum lipid profile. Both sex and ethnicity significantly(More)
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