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The planned global eradication of guineaworm (dracunculiasis) offers opportunities to learn about relatively complicated disease control situations. Unlike smallpox, which was eradicated over 10 years ago through immunization, the guineaworm problem has no one solution, but must rely on a variety of technologies to protect, treat or replace existing unsafe(More)
The levels of some ions of heavy metals known to be associated with petroleum industry operations, including Pb, Ni, V, Cr, Cd, Zn and Fe, were studied in untreated groundwater from Warri area, Nigeria by atomic absorption spectroscopy. Warri area is characterized by petroleum industry activities including a Refinery. With this in mind, the residential area(More)
Traditional beliefs and practices can help teach effective modern public health practices in Nigeria. A study conducted among large ethnic groups in Nigeria found that many of the people's traditional beliefs promoted good health practices and complemented modern health promotion efforts. The study was conducted by public health workers and students(More)
This study is aimed at measuring the fluoride concentrations of different water supplies in a Nigerian community known to have endemic fluorosis. This is with the view of mapping out a pattern and to investigate the relationship of this pattern with the distribution of dental fluorosis among residents of the community. A representative sample of 475 persons(More)
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  • 2000
Results of a groundwater study in Nigeria in some of the major cities in the southern part, Lagos, Ibadan; in the eastern part, Warri, Benin, and Aba, and in northern part, Kano and Jos indicates that the quality of waters fell far below the WHO recommended levels for some of the quality parameters. The levels of nitrate, lead and coliform index were(More)
The paper presents two new algorithms for the direct parallel solution of systems of linear equations. The algorithms employ a novel recursive doubling technique to obtain solutions to an &h-order system in n steps with no more than 2n( n 1) processors. Comparing their performance with the Gaussian elimination algorithm (GE), we show that they are almost(More)
Dental fluorosis, a defect which causes white flecks or brown staining of the teeth, has been reported in some parts of the world. This study, a descriptive, cross-sectional survey was designed to determine the prevalence and distribution pattern of dental fluorosis in Langtang town, Plateau State of Nigeria between April and June 1997. Community members(More)
The use of compost or manure in agriculture as an organic source of nutrients is common in many tropical, developing countries like Nigeria. One of the drawbacks of such materials is their low nitrogen (N) content (=1% N). Farmers commonly use chemical N fertilizers such as urea, calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN), and NPK formulations to obtain better crop(More)