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  • Er Yashpaul Singh, M K A Soni, Swarup, N I T Scholar, Haryana Kurukshetra, India Director +3 others
  • 2007
Throughput, Traffic Engineering and Load balancing concepts are very important in multi-path adaptive routing algorithm which stresses the need of multi-path adaptive routing algorithm as compared to single path routing algorithm. This paper evaluates the performance of multi-path adaptive routing algorithm in different situations like bottleneck link ,(More)
Speaker recognition is the process of recognizing the speaker based on characteristics such as pitch ,tone in the speech wave. Background noise influences the overall efficiency of speaker recognition system and is still considered as one of the most challenging issue in Speaker Recognition System (SRS). In this paper mel-frequency cepstral coefficients(More)
In the current era of wireless network, popularity of MANET is increasing at a very fast pace. Reason for this increased attention is the wide range of multimedia applications running in an infrastructure less environment. Because of the infrastructure less environment, limited power and dynamic topology it becomes very difficult to provide a secure(More)
This paper presents analysis of non-focal Rotman lens antenna design. A ten beam prototype feeding an 20-element antenna array working in ISM band has been simulated using RLD v1. 7 software. Simulation results show that the designed lens shows good performance in the operating frequency band of 2. 4Ghz showing a return loss of-17db.
— In this new era of communication the image and video is important as Visual information transmitted in the form of digital images is becoming a major method of communication in the modern age, but the image obtained after transmission is often corrupted with noise. The received image needs processing before it can be used in applications. Image denoising(More)