M K Shellenberger

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The mechanism by which early lead exposure alters the functional development of the brain remains an open question. One primary avenue of approach has been to study the effects of neonatal lead exposure on neurotransmitter systems. This paper reviews the published data related to the interaction of lead with each of those systems. Further, each dosing(More)
An improved two column method for rapid manual determination of glutamate (Glu), glutamine (Gln), gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and aspartate (Asp) from brain regions is presented. The method uses a Dowex-1 column and various concentrations of acetic acid to separate Glu, Asp and the neutral amino acids. The neutral amino acids are subsequently placed on a(More)
Perinatal factors causing distress or trauma to the neonate are often linked to behavioral abnormalities in development and later life; however, little is known of the long-term effects of these experiences on neurotransmitter systems. This study used carbon monoxide exposure to produce a slow onset and recovery hypoxic episode of two hours in 5-day-old rat(More)
Single units were recorded bilaterally from the caudate nuclei of cats before and after 50 microliter injections of either Merlis solution or L-DOPA (200 microgram) dissolved in Merlis into the left lateral cerebral ventricle. After injection of L-DOPA, but not Merlis solution, there was a period of unit silence in both caudates with an onset of about 10(More)
The means by which the brain handles the dopamine (DA) metabolite, 3-methoxytyramine (3-MT), has not been characterized. This study has examined one aspect by utilizing tritiated 3-MT in synaptosomes from rat striatum and slices of both striatum and cerebellum. No accumulation of 3-MT could be demonstrated in synaptosomes but DA (0.1 muM) uptake was(More)
Adult rats of both sexes were exposed to carbon monoxide (CO) at 0.42% in a continuous flow of air. Exposures were terminated at the physiologic endpoint of extreme respiratory distress. Following behavioral testing, 4-6 weeks after exposure, the rats were sacrificed and brain regions were analysed for monoamine content. In frontal cortex dopamine (DA) was(More)
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