M. K. Rose

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The Global Bioanalysis Consortium (GBC) set up an international team to explore the impact of immunogenicity on pharmacokinetic (PK) assessments. The intent of this paper is to define the field and propose best practices when developing PK assays for biotherapeutics. We focus on the impact of anti-drug antibodies (ADA) on the performance of PK assay leading(More)
During reaction, a catalyst surface usually interacts with a constantly fluctuating mix of reactants, products, 'spectators' that do not participate in the reaction, and species that either promote or inhibit the activity of the catalyst. How molecules adsorb and dissociate under such dynamic conditions is often poorly understood. For example, the(More)
The adsorption, diffusion, and clustering of water molecules on a Pd(111) surface were studied by scanning tunneling microscopy. At 40 kelvin, low-coverage water adsorbs in the form of isolated molecules, which diffuse by hopping to nearest neighbor sites. Upon collision, they form first dimers, then trimers, tetramers, and so on. The mobility of these(More)
BACKGROUND Several studies have shown that a small but significant percentage of cancer patients decline one or more conventional cancer treatments and use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) instead. OBJECTIVES Here, drawing on the literature and on our own ongoing research, we describe why cancer patients decide to decline conventional cancer(More)
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