M. K. Mandal

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-Histogram comparison is a popular technique for image and video indexing. The complexity of the technique can be reduced by representing the histogram by its moments. In this paper, we propose two techniques to improve the performance of basic histogram/moment-based technique. First, we propose to use orthogonal Legendre moments for representing(More)
In this paper, open-loop resonators loaded by shunt open stubs are proposed to design compact dual-band bandpass filters with improved out-of-band rejection characteristics. The second passband of the dual-band filter is obtained by tuning higher resonant modes of the open-loop resonator by the stub length and position. A tapped-line input/output feed(More)
In this letter, complementary split ring resonators (CSRR) are proposed to design bandpass filters (BPFs) having wide controllable 3-dB fractional bandwidth (FBW). FBW can be varied between 10% and 100%. In addition, filters have the advantages of compactness, sharp rejection, low insertion loss (IL), and low cost. Two prototype fabricated filters of FBW(More)
An edge-coupled quarter wavelength resonator and half-wavelength open stubs are used for designing a highly selective wideband bandpass filter (BPF). A homogeneous medium is considered and the even-odd mode approach is used for filter analysis. Next, a microstrip line implementation procedure is described. The filter has sharp rejection, wide stopband, low(More)
Complementary split ring resonators are used to design compact, low insertion loss (IL), low pass filter with sharp cut-off. A prototype filter implementing area is 0.23 lambda<sub>g</sub>times0.09lambda <sub>g</sub>, lambda<sub>g</sub> being the guided wavelength at 3-dB cut-off frequency (f<sub>c</sub>) 1.887GHz. Maximum IL is within 0.5dB up to 1.717GHz(More)
The large amount of image collections available from a variety of sources has posed increasing technical challenges to computer systems to store/transmit and index/manage the image data to make such collections easily accessible. Here to search and retrieve the expected images from the database we need Content Based Image Retrieval system. This paper(More)
Image and video indexing techniques are crucial in multimedia applications. A number of the indexing techniques that operate in the pixel domain have been reported in the literature. The advent of compression standards has led to the proliferation of indexing techniques in the compressed domain. In this paper, we present a critical review of the compressed(More)
Designing wideband bandpass filters (BPF) with parallel-coupled microstrip lines requires tight coupling resulting in close separation between the lines and difficulty of fabrication. Here, it is shown that the etched slots in the ground plane of the parallel coupled lines can significantly increase the coupling. This technique has been extended to realize(More)