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Genetic structure of four wild populations of two hill stream fishes Barilius bendelisis (Ham.1807) and B. barna (Ham. 1822) from Uttarakhand, India, was studied using RAPD markers. Eight selective primers provided distinct and consistent RAPD profiles in both the species, producing a total of 47 and 35 scorable bands in B. bendelisis and B. barna(More)
An embryonic stem (ES)-like cell culture system RESC from a commercially important freshwater carp, Labeo rohita, was developed using blastula stage embryos. The cells were cultured in Leibovitz-15 (L-15) medium in gelatin-coated cell culture flask supplemented with 15 % fetal bovine serum along with 10 ng ml−1 basic fibroblast growth factor at 28 °C under(More)
Increasing need of data protection in computer networks led to the development of several cryptographic algorithms hence sending data securely over a transmission link is critically important in many applications. Hardware implementation of cryptographic algorithms are physically secure than software implementations since outside attackers cannot modify(More)
Tor tor is an important game and food fish of India with a distribution throughout Asia from the trans-Himalayan region to the Mekong River basin to Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia. A new cell line named TTCF was developed from the caudal fin of T. tor for the first time. The cell line was optimally maintained at 28°C in Leibovitz-15 (L-15)(More)
A new epithelial cell line, WAF was developed from caudal fin of freshwater shark, Wallago attu. The cell line was optimally maintained at 28 °C in Leibovitz-15 (L-15) medium supplemented with 20 % fetal bovine serum. The cell line was characterized by various cytogenetic and molecular markers. The cytogenetic analysis revealed a diploid count of 86(More)
Metallic nanoparticles are widely used in cosmetics, food products and textile industry. These particles are known to cause respiratory toxicity and epithelial inflammation. They are eventually released to aquatic environment necessitating toxicity studies in cells from respiratory organs of aquatic organisms. Hence, we have developed and characterized a(More)
This paper presents the optimization and stress analysis of LOCOS process using Athena TCAD. Various process parameters in LOCOS like pad oxide(buffer oxide), nitride thickness, field oxidation temperature and time has been considered for simulation. Experimental results on LOCOS process development based on sputtered silicon(More)
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