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The synthesis and characterization of water-soluble random copolymers containing L-lysine with N5-(4-hydroxybutyl)-L-glutamine, and the thermally induced helix-coil transitions of these copolymers in water, are described. The incorporation of L-lysine was found to decrease the helix content of the polymers at neutral pH. The Zimm-Bragg parameters sigma and(More)
A statistical analysis is made of the distribution into alpha-helical and non-alpha-helical regions of the various dipeptide types appearing in a sample of seven proteins of known sequence and structure. By considering as a group all dipeptide types occurring at a given location relative to the reported helix-coil boundaries and examining the percentage of(More)
Using an improved method for computing conformations of closed rings with symmetry, in conjunction with an improved empirical energy function, the conformational space of Gramicidin S is reexamined. The search for minimum energy conformations is confined to the subspace containing closed symmetric rings. A large number of initial conformations selected from(More)
A method for solving the Bloch equations that govern magnetization transfer NMR experiments is presented. It requires the numerical evaluation of a matrix exponential and lends itself to computer simulation. It is a simple, versatile method for evaluating P31-NMR magnetization transfer experiments designed to measure biochemical exchange rates. We apply the(More)
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