M. K. Darwish

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The aim of this work was to develop and optimize sustained-release mucoadhesive tablets of flurbiprofen. Mucoadhesive polymers used were chitosan as primary polymer and hydroxypropylmethyl celluose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, or sodium carboxymethyl cellulose as secondary polymer. Tablets were evaluated in terms of weight variation, thickness, hardness,(More)
The design and implementation of a harmonic current computation technique based on a modified Fourier analysis, suitable for active power fdters incorporating DSPs is presented. The proposed technique is suitable for monitoring and control of load current harmonics for real-time applications. The derivation of the basic equations based on the proposed(More)
In this paper, the computational problems associated with the optimization techniques used to evaluate the switching patterns for controlling variable-characteristics active power filters are presented and critically analyzed. Genetic algorithms (GAs) are introduced in this paper to generate a fast and accurate initial starting point in the highly nonlinear(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the changes in the in vitro drug release from cross-linked hard gelatin capsules containing a water-insoluble drug. An immediate release hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ) capsule formulations containing drug, lactose, starch 1500 were prepared and exposed to accelerated stability study (40°C/ambient RH, 40°C/60% RH, 40°C/75%(More)
A family of two reactive-power compensator circuit is presented. A general model of some basic linear elements and switching function blocks is developed first. Then the two proposed compensator circuits are derived from the generalised model. The proposed circuits are capable of supplying leading as well as lagging reactive currents in stepless variation(More)
The aim of the present study was to improve the dissolution, and therefore the bioavailability, of poorly water-soluble tenoxicam. Solid dispersions consisting of tenoxicam with two different types of polymers were prepared. The first type were PVP(30) and β-cyclodextrin and the second type were two superdisintegrants, explotab and croscarmellose sodium. A(More)
The purpose of this paper is to explore the obstructions faced by Libyan distribution networks in implementing a power quality program (PQP). It is also to state the benefits, which would accrue by implementing a PQP, which would make a major impact on Libyan distribution networks (LDNs), and which could be applied and adapted internationally. In order to(More)
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