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Environmental stresses result in water deficiency for the plants, thus impairing its numerous biological roles. In vitro screening for stress tolerance will have its significance in identifying cultivars with optimal stress tolerance and productivity. In the present study, drought-induced alterations in growth, osmotic potential and in vitro shoot(More)
Development of a reproducible, versatile and efficient in vitro plant regeneration system is highly warranted for Indian soybean varieties for their mass multiplication in view of their commercial significance. Accordingly a protocol for direct shoot organogenesis in soybean variety JS 335 has been developed. Using cotyledonary node explants significant(More)
Drought is one of the limiting factors for better plant performance and higher yield. New variety selection is difficult due to the complex mechanism of drought resistance. Four Bulgarian soybean lines (selected after hybridization and mutagenesis), two Indian and one USA variety were used for field and laboratory experiments. Drought tolerance was(More)
Drought stress is one of the crucial factors affecting the global plant growth and crop productivity. In the present study, Indian soybean varieties (cv. JS 335 and cv. KHSb-2) were examined for the changes in their antioxidant enzyme activity, total isoflavone content and also the influence on its growth under drought stress. Several physiological(More)
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