M. K. A. Ariffin

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Problem statement: In the area of globalization the degree of competition in the market increased and many companies attempted to manufacture the products efficiently to overcome the challenges faced. Approach: Mixed model assembly line was able to provide continuous flow of material and flexibility with regard to model change. The problem under study(More)
This study presents an algorithm for automated guided vehicle system routing. Priority-based genetic algorithm was used for genetic representation. The objective is minimal path transverse time. Weight mapping crossover (WMX) and insertion mutation was used as genetic operators. Conflict detection and avoidance was incorporated into the system using node(More)
The study presents an algorithm for conflict-free Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) routing minimizing travel time and total job tardiness. The problem is represented using one sub-chromosome for dispatching represented with random keys and the remaining sub-chromosomes for routing represented with priority-based encoding. The algorithm used weight mapping(More)
  • Mohd Aidin Delgoshaei, Mohd Khairol, B T Hang Ariffin, Bin Tuah, Zulkiflle Baharudin, Leman +12 others
  • 2015
A new method for decreasing cell-load variation in dynamic cellular manufacturing systems, Hybrid multiobjective genetic algorithms for integrated dynamic scheduling and routing of jobs and automated-guided vehicle (AGV) in flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) environment, S z n z m onstru t on o uzzy X − S ontrol h rts w th n unb se est m t on o st n r ev(More)
ABSTRACT The management of post-radiation wound breakdown over the posterior cervico thoracic region can be a challenging task for a surgeon. The aim of the treatment is to produce a well vascularized and a low tensile flap which will close a large defect. We describe the use of the lower trapezius flap to reconstruct the wound breakdown and to obtain(More)
In this study, optimization of tool path is presented through simulation material removal using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and control via Genetic Algorithm (GA). The computer code for GA is developed and is specifically designed using MATLAB programming. The developed GA toolbox was written in m-files script together with several built-in functions in(More)
Formation of Virtual Cellular Manufacturing Systems (VCMSs), as one of the main applications of Group Technology (GT), by presentation of unique and shared capability boundaries of machine tools through defining Resource Elements (REs) creates a good solution for Capability-Based VCMSs (CBVCMSs), which increases opportunities to create systems with more(More)
In recent decades, global economy pressures and developments force companies to make new competitiveness advantages to come up them. Not only companies are encouraged by environment regulation to be cautions to reuse used product but also they have understood that could be economic and beneficial if they can reuse product in end of life cycle. Closed-loop(More)