M K A Ahamed Khan

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To characterize temporal exposure and elimination of 5 gold/dendrimer composite nanodevices (CNDs) (5 nm positive, negative, and neutral, 11 nm negative, 22 nm positive) in mice using a physiologically based mathematical model. 400 ug of CNDs is injected intravenously to mice bearing melanoma cell lines. Gold content is determined from plasma and tissue(More)
Tetrathiomolybdate (TM) is a potent nontoxic orally delivered copper complexing agent under development for the last several years for the treatment of Wilson's disease. It has been shown to block angiogenesis in primary and metastatic tumors. Therefore, the combination of cytotoxic radiotherapy (RT) and antiangiogenic TM could target both the existing(More)
Human power is defined as the use of human work for energy generation to power an electronic device. The active powering of electronic devices takes place when the user of the electronic product has to do a specific work in order to power the product that otherwise the user would not have done. As fossil fuels around the world depletes, alternate means of(More)
DC-DC Buck converters are used to step-down the voltages in some of the equipment's that we use in our daily life such as laptops, PDA's, mobile phones and also electric vehicles. These converters are a high frequency switching devices operating on PWM principle. This paper describes an advanced technique known as closed-loop voltage-mode control method in(More)
There are many projects on building self-balancing robots-ranging from simple DIY analog balancing bots to sophisticated self-balancing scooters. Self-balancing electro-mechanical systems have various uses, including the ability to showcase the computational performance of new and emerging embedded processors. The project would primarily focus on the(More)
Traditionally the PID controllers are being tuned by conventional trial and error method. A new intelligent method of PID tuning is used to tune the PID pressure control system. Using this method the overshoot of the system is very less with properly tuned PID parameters. The research is also compared with other PID optimization approaches.The results found(More)
There has been a growing concern recently about energy use and its adverse impact on the environment. Industrial motor uses a major fraction of total industrial energy uses. Conventional ceiling and table fans have the potential to improve on energy efficiency, but the enhancements described in this research study increase the device's efficiency further,(More)
The biomechanical analysis assists to provide evidences in the performance of the system used for stroke rehabilitation of lower and upper limb of human body. This could be done by providing a better understanding of human lower extremities movement through implementation of electromyography (EMG). As human body is a complex biomechanical machine,(More)
— Reed-Solomon (RS) codes are commonly used to correct burst errors in applications such as storage devices, data transmission, bar-code readers, and satellite communications. In this paper, we evaluate the use of RS coding to improve link margin and communication range in a low power wireless network. Performance metrics are also evaluated for latency and(More)
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