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Electromyographic (EMG) signal provide a significant source of information for diagnosis, treatment and management of neuromuscular disorders. This paper is aim at introducing an effective multi-classifier approach to enhance classification accuracy. The proposed system employs both time domain and time-frequency domain features of motor unit action(More)
Glucagon receptor (GCGR) is a secretin-like (class B) family of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) in humans that plays an important role in elevating the glucose concentration in blood and has thus become one of the promising therapeutic targets for treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus. GCGR based inhibitors for the treatment of type 2 diabetes are(More)
There are many projects on building self-balancing robots-ranging from simple DIY analog balancing bots to sophisticated self-balancing scooters. Self-balancing electro-mechanical systems have various uses, including the ability to showcase the computational performance of new and emerging embedded processors. The project would primarily focus on the(More)
Three new solvates [mono-dimethyl sulfoxide (mono-DMSO), mono-dimethyl acetamide (mono-DMA) and mono-dimethyl formamide (mono-DMF)] of 10-Deacetyl baccatin III, were generated by slow evaporation in DMSO, DMF, and DMSO/DMA (1:1) solvent systems respectively. Two concomitant forms mono-DMSO(a new form) and di-DMSO (a known form) were obtained in the DMSO(More)
—This paper describes the development of a modular general purpose controller board for biologically inspired robot. The circuits are designed using Protel, an electronic design software that bring together the traditionally separate disciplines of board design, programmable hardware design and software development. The general purpose controller board(More)
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