M. Julius Hossain

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Endocardial cells play a critical role in cardiac development and function, forming the innermost layer of the early (tubular) heart, separated from the myocardium by extracellular matrix (ECM). However, knowledge is limited regarding the interactions of cardiac progenitors and surrounding ECM during dramatic tissue rearrangements and concomitant cellular(More)
The aim of this paper is to detail the development of a novel tracking framework that is able to extract the cell motility indicators and to determine the cellular division (mitosis) events in large time-lapse phase-contrast image sequences. To address the challenges induced by nonstructured (random) motion, cellular agglomeration, and cellular mitosis, the(More)
The process required to track cellular structures is a key task in the study of cell migration. This allows the accurate estimation of motility indicators that help in the understanding of mechanisms behind various biological processes. This paper reports a particle-based fully automatic tracking framework that is able to quantify the motility of living(More)
The quantitative analysis of live cells is a key issue in evaluating biological processes. The current clinical practice involves the application of a tedious and time consuming manual tracking procedure on large amount of data. As a result, automatic tracking systems are currently developed and evaluated. However, problems caused by cellular division,(More)
Considering the robustness, stability and reduced volume of data, researchers have focused on using edge information in various video processing applications including moving object detection, tracking and target recognition. Though the edge information is more robust compared to intensity, it also exhibits variations in different frames due to illumination(More)
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system allows automatic identification of items with RFID tags using radio-waves. As the RFID tag has its unique identification number, it is also possible to detect a specific region where the RFID tag lies in. Recently it is widely been used in mobile robot navigation, localization, and mapping both in indoor and(More)