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—Learning Management Systems (LMS) are widespread among most education and training institutions. Even though LMS are a mature technology, they have left the vanguard of innovation in e-learning to mobile devices and tablets. Mobile Learning (M-learning) may enhance e-learning by increasing communication and conversation opportunities to convents the(More)
LEARN-SQL is a tool that we are using since three years ago in several database courses, and that has shown its positive effects in the learning of different database issues. This tool allows proposing remote questionnaires to students, which are automatically corrected giving them a feedback and promoting their self-learning and self-assessment of their(More)
New ICT technologies are continuously introducing changes in the way in which society generates, shares and access information. This is changing what society expects and requires of education. eLearning is acting as a vector of this change, introducing pervasive transformations in and out of the classroom. But with Learning Management Systems (LMS) users(More)
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