M. John Hodgson

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The multi-vehicle covering tour problem is de"ned on a graph G"(<6=, E), where = is a set of vertices that must collectively be covered by up to m vehicles. The problem consists of determining a set of total minimum length vehicle routes on a subset of <, subject to side constraints, such that every vertex of = is within a prespeci"ed distance from a route.(More)
Recently there has been considerable interest and research into the functional significance of postactivation potentiation (PAP) on sport performance. The interest has evolved around the potential for enhancing acute performance or the long-term training effect, typically in the form of complex training. Complex training usually involves performing a(More)
UNLABELLED The contractile history of muscle can potentiate electrically evoked force production. A link to voluntary force production, related in part to an increase in reflex excitability, has been suggested. PURPOSE Our purpose was to quantify the effect of postactivation potentiation on voluntary force production and spinal H-reflex excitability(More)
To aid in determining health care service needs, Wisconsin Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) data on Wisconsin hospital discharges for traumatic brain injury (TBI), using ICD-9-CM codes for intracranial injury with and without skull fracture, and Wisconsin Department of Transportation data on incapacitating non-fatal head injuries (INHI) from(More)