M. Jeya Chandra

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The procedure relied on a protocol in which shoot organogenesis was induced on cotyledons of mung bean genotypes selected for susceptibility to agrobacterium seems to work reproducibly if not efficiently. Approximately 4-5% of the shoots produced on the kanamycin selected cotyledons are transgenic based on assays on kanamycin resistance and GUS activity.(More)
The paper investigates a single period imperfect inventory model with price dependent stochastic demand and partial backlogging. The backorder rate is a nonlinear non-increasing function of the magnitude of shortage. Two special cases are considered assuming that the percentage of defective items follows a truncated exponential distribution and a normal(More)
Abstract: Rotating machinery is common in any industry. Rotating machinery in the modern era are designed for higher running speeds, tighter clearances and working under extreme conditions enhancing efficiency of the system to produce and transmit more power. All these lead to many rotordynamic challenges. Main cause of vibrations is faults in the rotating(More)
A fluorometric method developed for measuring low concentrations of ammonium in marine and freshwater ecosystems was adapted for the analysis of ammonia in ambient air. The modified method entails collection of samples on an acid-treated solid adsorbent followed by analysis using a fluorometer. Optimal results were obtained using a commercially available(More)
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