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[1] First long-period magnetotelluric investigations were conducted in early 2008 in northwestern Costa Rica, along a profile that extends from the coast of the Pacific Ocean, traverses the volcanic arc and ends currently at the Nicaraguan border. The aim of this study is to gain insight into the electrical resistivity structure and thus fluid distribution(More)
We present an approach to calculate scalar and tensor gravity utilizing the massively parallel architecture of consumer graphics cards. Our parametrization is based on rectilinear blocks with constant density within each blocks. This type of parametrization is well suited for inversion of gravity data or joint inversion with other datasets, but requires the(More)
A rigorous detection of Milankovitch periodicities in volcanic output across the PleistoceneHolocene ice age has remained elusive. We report on a spectral analysis of a large number of well-preserved ash plume deposits recorded in marine sediments along the Pacifi c Ring of Fire. Our analysis yields a statistically signifi cant detection of a spectral peak(More)
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