M. Jayakumar

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Parameter estimation has become a strong tool in the aircraft industry capable of predicting stability and control derivatives even in the presence of noise and uncertainties. The modern instrumentation system along with the computational facilities ensures the simulation of complex flight regimes and parameter extraction with higher precision. In this(More)
Due to increased commercial and scientific applications in millimeter wave (mm wave) band, the development of mm wave transceivers is considered as prominent phase in RFIC design cycle. This paper proposes the design of reconfigurable low noise amplifier (LNA) working at 60 GHz using active load transistor. A single stage source degenerated LNA has been(More)
The number of smartphones has been increasing at a very fast pace over the last several years. At this rate, it is quite likely that mobile web traffic will take a serious portion of the global Internet traffic in the very near future. However, the improvement of mobile web access technology has been known to lag behind the current growth: we face issues(More)
This paper focuses on linear Kalman Filter and its application in 2-D tracking of airborne vehicles. Kalman filter is a powerful computation device which uses recursive computation to attain solution of discrete linear filtering. Being an adaptive filter, Kalman filter analysis the relation between its estimated value and measured value, through a feedback(More)
Scaling of MOSFET increases the device performance in terms of speed, current drive, operating frequency and many other parameters; but on the other end, noise aggravates due to shrinking of device dimensions. Although several noise sources are present in recent submicron device, the equivalent thermal noise is considered as a prominent one. This paper(More)
Requirements of RF CMOS device and its related design issues to operate at high frequencies are discussed. Problems faced by current CMOS models and its lack of accuracy in capturing high frequency are focused. To improve model accuracy, Vendor modeling approach is discussed to model frequency dependent parameters like substrate resistance, gate resistance(More)