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The vision of Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) is through an integrated command identification architecture that combines non-cooperative and cooperative identification sensors and systems. The ATR implemented shall support development of situational awareness i.e., overall, general knowledge of the tactical battlefield environment, including the location(More)
Communication systems are considered as one of the major requirements for the current and next generation fighter aircrafts to complete a mission successfully. Efficient net-centric warfare and situational awareness can be achieved with modernized communication system and high-end sensors. The conventional communication systems available consist of(More)
Nanoscale multilayered TiN/VN coatings were developed by reactive dc magnetron sputtering on 316L stainless steel substrates. The coatings showed a polycrystalline cubic structure with (111) preferential growth. XPS analysis indicated the presence of peaks corresponding to Ti2p, V2p, N1s, O1s, and C1s. Raman spectra exhibited the characteristic peaks in the(More)
Steganograhy is generally used to hide important information in a visible media mostly an image or video. In this paper, a novel scheme serving the dual purpose of concealing and compressing Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images using steganography technique is proposed for aerospace and satellite applications. SAR images represent an important source of(More)
ITO nanoparticles were obtained by combustion reaction of urea as fuel. The gel form structures were fired at 350 ̊C in furnace for 20 min to yield powdery products and these products were calcined to five different temperatures from 100 ̊C to 500 ̊C for an hour to yield ITO powders. From the scanning electron microscopy (SEM) photographs and particle size(More)
In this paper, we report on modification of the structural, optical, vibrational, and surface morphological properties of 2 MeV N(+)-ion irradiated WO(3) thin films at different fluences (up to 1 × 10(15) ions cm(-2)). Although we observe irradiation induced grain growth, no structural phase transition takes place in the WO(3) films. These are accompanied(More)
Pilot has to navigate the aircraft even when GPS is non-operational or when there is GPS drop-out. The major contribution in this paper is to provide the navigation information to the pilot on a cockpit display unit by using a standalone attitude and heading reference system and position estimation algorithm. To implement this using low-cost sensor for the(More)
MgIn(2)O(4), which has an inverse spinel structure, has been adopted as the transparent material in optoelectronic device fabrication due to its high optical transparency and electrical conductivity. Such a technologically important material was prepared by the spray pyrolysis technique. Precursors prepared for the cationic ratio Mg/In=0.5 were thermally(More)
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