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Electric power system is exceptionally complex as far as its managing, construction and operation is concerned. In addition ever increase of electric power demand is making a process of managing, monitoring and controlling of electric power system more challenging day by day. Due to increased power demand congestion takes place in some of the lines. To(More)
Objective: To compare the knowledge and attitude regarding pubertal changes among pre - adolescent girls before and after the pubertal preparedness program (PPP) in experimental and comparison group. Materials and methods: A Quasi experimental (non- equivalent comparison group pretest posttest) design was adopted with 104pre-adolescentgirls (52 in each(More)
For the efficient transmission of power from power plants to consumer loads, the power losses are reduced in modern power system. In order to reduce such losses, a recently evolved FACTS technology is used. In this paper, Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC) is selected to enhance the loadability in the transmission line. To improve the maximum(More)
As the CMOS technology is scaling down, leakage power has become one of the most critical design concerns for the chip designer. This paper proposes a low leakage linear feedback shift register that can be used in a crypto-processor. In this work, three bit, four bit and five bit linear feedback shift registers are implemented in 90nm and 65nm technology(More)
Analytical CRM can be deployed to understand processing of claims in Insurance sector. Deregulation of Insurance industry in the global has resulted in increased number of layers in the market hence competition. Worldwide service organizations have been pioneers in developing customer retention strategies. Reichheld and Teal (1996) found out those customers(More)
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