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Forty-four Vibrio cholerae isolates collected over a 7-month period in Chennai, India in 2004 were characterized for gene traits, antimicrobial susceptibility and genomic fingerprints. All 44 isolates were identified as O1 El Tor Ogawa, positive for various toxigenic and pathogenic genes viz. ace, ctxB, hlyA, ompU, ompW, rfbO1, rtx, tcpA, toxR and zot.(More)
Chandra, S., M. Jain, A. Basu and P.S. Kumar, Sorting algorithms on transputer arrays, Parallel Computing 19 (1993) 595-607. In this paper, two sorting algorithms Key Select and Superquicksort are described and their performance is compared with other sorting algorithms namely Parallel Simple Merge, Partial Key Select and Pipemerge [6] on a transputer based(More)
By using the Markov process, system state transitions can be modelled to predict the system availability in many realistic applications, wherein all components of the system cannot be treated as identical because of their failure and repair characteristics. In this paper, efforts have been made to examine the availability characteristics for three different(More)
Ad hoc networks are networks where there is no fixed infrastructure. The mobile nodes are independent and have distributed control. Modeling of ad hoc network is a critical task, which includes modeling of mobile behavior of nodes as well as behavior of wireless links. The mesh connected queuing network can be a good tool to model ad hoc network. In this(More)
Personal computers today have 802.11(b/a/g)-based wireless connectivity. If it were possible to wirelessly connect laptops to a projector, multiple persons can connect and present content on their laptops on the projector. This typically requires another personal computer at the projector end that is wirelessly connected to the laptop that receives,(More)
In September 2010, a cholera outbreak was reported from Odisha, Eastern India. V. cholerae isolated from the clinical samples were biochemically and serologically confirmed as serogroup O1, biotype El Tor, and serotype Ogawa. Multiplex PCR screening revealed the presence of various genes, namely, ompW, ctxB, zot, rfbO1, tcp, ace, hlyA, ompU, rtx, and toxR,(More)