M. Jahangir Alam

Kevin W. Garey3
Mohammed Khaleduzzaman2
Eugénie Bassères1
3Kevin W. Garey
2Mohammed Khaleduzzaman
1Eugénie Bassères
1Peter S. K. Knappett
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The contamination of drinking water from both arsenic and microbial pathogens occurs in Bangladesh. A general metagenomic survey of well water and surface water provided information on the types of pathogens present and may help elucidate arsenic metabolic pathways and potential assay targets for monitoring surface-to-ground water pathogen transport.
To assess the effect of fidaxomicin and vancomycin on Clostridium difficile toxins and correlation with clinical and microbiologic outcomes. Hospitalized patients with C. difficile infection were randomly assigned a 10-day course of fidaxomicin or vancomycin. Stool samples collected at baseline (day 0), mid-therapy (days 3–5), end of therapy (days 10–13)(More)
OBJECTIVES Ridinilazole (SMT19969) is a narrow-spectrum, non-absorbable antimicrobial with activity against Clostridium difficile undergoing clinical trials. The purpose of this study was to assess the pharmacological activity of ridinilazole and assess the effects on cell morphology. METHODS Antibiotic killing curves were performed using the epidemic C.(More)
This study aimed to describe factors and outcomes associated with Candida colonization of critically ill patients. This was a cross-sectional study conducted over 2 weeks in the intensive care unit (ICU) of a tertiary care hospital at the Texas Medical Center, Houston, TX. All Candida samples were prospectively collected with demographic and clinical data(More)
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