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The lumbar spine and femoral neck densities of 123 and 141 normal adult women (50 +/- 10 years), respectively, measured by dual photon absorptiometry, were correlated with the number of hours of walking per day associated with their regular daily activities. This measure of exercise, obtained by detailed questionnaire and interview, was analyzed because it(More)
MOTIVATION Modern functional genomics generates high-dimensional datasets. It is often convenient to have a single simple number characterizing the relationship between pairs of such high-dimensional datasets in a comprehensive way. Matrix correlations are such numbers and are appealing since they can be interpreted in the same way as Pearson's correlations(More)
Pericardial and lung involvement in rheumatoid arthritis (RA), suspected to be less severe in a developing nation (Turkey), have been evaluated. We have studied clinical, echocardiographic and pulmonary findings (radiological and functional) in 93 consecutive Turkish patients with definite/classical RA. Findings were compared with those of a group of(More)
  • Dani Jel, M Erk, L Er, Predstavljamo Prototip
  • 2013
We present a prototype system — named Sentiscope — for collecting daily horoscopes from online news portals written in Croatian, detecting polarity phrases and overall sentiment conveyed by these texts and providing sentiment-analysis-based visualizations in a graphical user interface on the web. The system was evaluated using a dataset of daily horoscopes(More)
To analyze and compare the safety and perioperative outcomes of newly trained robotic surgeons with previous laparoscopic hysterectomy experience (TLH Exp) and those without previous laparoscopic hysterectomy experience (Non-TLH Exp). The purpose is to determine the effect of previous advanced laparoscopic skills on the performance in robotic assisted(More)
The patients over age 70, when procedures were combined, had a statistically significant lower mean BMI, uterine weight and longer Operating room (OR) time. However, when stratified by the type of procedure performed, there was no difference in surgery times among those under 70 and over 70 years of age. The elderly patients were more likely to have cancer,(More)
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