M J van Burik

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The linear estimation (LE) and spline surface Laplacian (SL) method were applied to single-trial EEG data. EEG was recorded in three subjects during voluntary, self-paced movements of the index finger. The EEG data were bandpass-filtered in the lower beta frequency range and showed short-lasting bursts of oscillations after termination of movement. These(More)
The application of surface laplacian and linear estimation methods to single trial EEG data was studied. EEG was recorded in 3 subjects during voluntary, self-paced extensions and flexions of the index finger. In each subject a post-movement beta synchronisation was found in specific frequency bands. The surface laplacian estimates were calculated using(More)
Localisation procedures are based on models of the EEG that are relatively simple. The models are based on assumptions and choices of parameters that can be mistaken. Thus, it is crucial to validate the localisation procedures used in EEG. One of the options is to use the data obtained with electrodes that are implanted within the brain of an epileptic(More)
OBJECTIVES The accuracy of electrical impedance tomography was investigated. METHODS The conductivities of the different compartments of the volume conductor were estimated by utilizing the boundary element method. The approach was tested for realistic head models with either 3 or 4 compartments. The impact of a geometrical error in the head model was(More)
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