M J Zagumny

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The AIDS Health Belief Scale (AHBS) was developed to measure the four components of the health belief model (HBM): perceived susceptibility to disease, perceived severity of a specific disease, perceived benefits of preventive behavior, and barriers to preventive behavior. Sixteen items were developed for the original AHBS. Results of the first phase of(More)
The authors surveyed a sample of 132 medical students to assess their behaviors related to the risk of HIV infection. Scale measures were computed for survey questions relating to both occupational and nonoccupational behavior and also for questions relating to knowledge of any worry about HIV infection. Regression analysis to assess the influence of(More)
This study investigated concern about HIV infection, knowledge about HIV/AIDS, and mode of transmission on willingness to work with and sympathy expressed towards a coworker with AIDS. 120 undergraduate students were randomly assigned to one of 12 groups in a 3 x 4 between-subjects design. Subjects viewed one of three 12 min. videotapes, including one(More)
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