M. J. Warren

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Forty-five 131I-MIBG scintigrams were performed in 42 patients with suspected phaeochromocytoma. Two patients were infants and the remainder were adults. A sensitivity of 81.8% and a specificity of 88.2% were achieved, leading to an accuracy of 86.7%. The positive predictive value was 69.2% and the negative predictive value was 93.7%.
Coronal plane computed tomography (CT) was performed in 26 consecutive patients with clinical suspicion of tarsal coalition. Twenty patients had plain CT and 6 had CT talocalcaneonavicular arthrography. Fifteen patients were found to have coalition. Of these 15 patients, 12 had talocalcaneal coalition (9 bilateral, 3 unilateral), 2 patients had combined(More)
Blood samples were taken from 11 cows and their ovaries were scanned by ultrasound at least daily. Around day 5 of an induced cycle, they were injected with 10 micrograms buserelin, an analogue of gonadotrophin releasing hormone, and on day 12 they received 0.5 mg cloprostenol, an analogue of prostaglandin F2 alpha (PGF2 alpha). Two days later six of the(More)
Elizabeth Bouvia, whose legal struggle to compel a psychiatric hospital to assist her in committing suicide ended with a decision that she could be force fed by the hospital, presented the psychiatric community with a host of ethical questions concerning the rights of a patient to choose death, and the obligations of the medical profession to promote life.(More)
Four studies were carried out to determine the ovarian responses of dairy cows undergoing natural oestrous cycles to sequential injections of gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH), followed seven days later by prostaglandin and, 48 to 72 hours later, by a second injection of GnRH. In study 1, of 60 cows so treated, 47 were in the intended periovulatory(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe program outcomes for the Combined Training Program in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Pediatrics, and Psychiatry (Triple Board Program). METHOD All Triple Board Program graduates to date (1991-2003) were asked to participate in a 37-item written survey from February to April 2004. RESULTS The response rate was 80.7%. Most(More)