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We analyze the organizational structure and explain the added value and the effects of such structure on the involved agents. We argue that organizational structures should be seen along at least three dimensions, instead of just one: integrality, power and information. The main aim of the research is to provide a formal analysis of the individual(More)
An increasing number of organizations have adopted formal ethics programs. Almost all of these programs are institutionalized at a corporate level and based on communication with representatives and on hierarchical regulations. Sociotechnical theory suggests the use of a participative approach for managing ethics in an organization. In this approach,(More)
This document is a report produced by the PUBLIN research project. PUBLIN is part of the Programme for research, technological development and demonstration on "Improving the human research potential and the socioeconomic knowledge base,1998-2002" under the EU 5th Framework Programme. For more information, see www.step.no/publin/. SUMMARY The present case(More)
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