M J Taveirne

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The fluorescent triacylglycerol (DPBG) 1,3-dioleoyl-2-(4-pyrenylbutanoyl)glycerol was incorporated into plasma very-low-density lipoproteins (VLDL) to form DPBG-VLDL. In the presence of albumin, the addition of milk lipoprotein lipase to DPBG-VLDL hydrolyses DPBG together with the VLDL triacylglycerol and pyrenyl fatty acids are transferred to albumin. As a(More)
The apolipoprotein A-I was isolated from the plasma of normal individuals and of three homozygous patients with Tangier disease by immunoprecipitation. The apoA-I isoforms were further fractionated by isofocusing on polyacrylamide gels. The physicochemical behavior of normal and Tangier apoA-I and of the isoproteins-2 and -4 was studied by monitoring the(More)
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