M. J. T. N. Timmermans

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Mitochondrial genome sequences are important markers for phylogenetics but taxon sampling remains sporadic because of the great effort and cost required to acquire full-length sequences. Here, we demonstrate a simple, cost-effective way to sequence the full complement of protein coding mitochondrial genes from pooled samples using the 454/Roche platform.(More)
Variation among vascular plants in the initiation and patterning of leaves results in a diverse array of leaf shape, including the strap-like leaf of many grasses and the broad lamina of most eudicots. Recent findings highlight the importance of interactions between the shoot apical meristem (SAM) and developing leaf primordia in axis specification and the(More)
[1] Data collected by an autonomous ice‐based observatory that drifted into the Eurasian Basin between April and November 2010 indicate that the upper ocean was appreciably fresher than in 2007 and 2008. Sea ice and snowmelt over the course of the 2010 drift amounted to an input of less than 0.5 m of liquid freshwater to the ocean (comparable to the(More)
[1] Variations in the Arctic central Canada Basin mixed layer properties are documented based on a subset of nearly 6500 temperature and salinity profiles acquired by Ice‐ Tethered Profilers during the period summer 2004 to summer 2009 and analyzed in conjunction with sea ice observations from ice mass balance buoys and atmosphere‐ocean heat flux estimates.(More)
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