M.J. Schurman

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We report the fabrication and characterization of GaN avalanche photodiodes grown on sapphire by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition. Current-voltage characteristics indicate a gain higher than 23. The photoresponse is independent of the bias voltage prior to the onset of avalanche gain which occurs at an electric field of /spl sim/4 MV/cm. Near(More)
High quantum efficiency ultraviolet p-i-n heterojunction photodiodes, fabricated on single crystal AlGaN/GaN, were characterized including spectral responsivity, dark current, and speed. At a reverse bias of -5 V the quantum efficiency was /spl sim/57 % at the band edge, and remained relatively flat down to /spl sim/330 nm after which some absorption in the(More)
We report the fabrication and performance of a 32/spl times/32 Al/sub 0.1/Ga/sub 0.9/N-GaN ultraviolet p-i-n photodetector array. The devices exhibit very low dark current, the mean dark current density is /spl sim/4 nA/cm/sup 2/ at 5-V reverse bias, and the dark current distribution is very uniform (/spl sim/98% of the devices exhibit dark current density(More)
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