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Thin-section electron microscopy and freeze fracture were used in the analysis of the intercellular junctions between fibroblasts in connective tissues of the eye of Macaca mulatta, M. fascicularis, and M. arctoides. Fibroblasts located in the subconjunctival loose connective tissue, anterior sclera, scleral spur, iris stroma, ciliary body stroma, and(More)
This is a morphological analysis of the inner blood-retina barrier in various segments of the retinal vasculature in the eye of Macaque monkeys. The primary aims of this study are to identify the components of the walls of the arteries, central capillaries, peripheral capillaries and veins of the retina using light and electron microscopy, and to compare(More)
Elastin has been demonstrated in the wall of the retinal arteries in or immediately adjacent to the optic disc of adult Macaca mulatta using the immunogold labelling technique with delta-elastin antibody. Since elastin is thought to provide elasticity to the walls of these vessels, perhaps its presence in the retinal arteries plays a role in contractility(More)
We evaluated the extent of pallor on the walls of the optic cup three-dimensionally using simultaneous stereophotographs of the optic discs of 29 normals, 29 ocular hypertensives and 28 primary open angle glaucomas. Pallor was located at the bottom of the optic cup. Pallor ascends the walls of the cup as its extent increases. Statistically significant(More)