M J Rembelska

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The investigations were carried out with a newly synthesised, original 99mTc-Unithiol complex (Unithiol-2,3-dimercaptopropansulphonate). It accumulates in the kidneys and enables their scintigraphic examination at 90--180 minutes after the administration. The study was performed on rats, rabbits and dogs. 99mTc-Unithiol complex accumulation in rat kidneys(More)
51Cr-bleomycin was used for the scintigraphic detection of tumours and the assessment of the spread of the disease in 20 patients with various malignancies: 7 with Hodgkin's lymphoma, 5 with other malignant lymphomas, 4 cases of cervix carcinoma and 4 other tumours. The scintigraphy was performed using a Toshiba GC 401 gamma camera coupled to an MDSI(More)
Tumor and normal tissue uptake of 51Cr- or 57Co-labelled bleomycin (BLEO) and tallysomycin (TLM) was compared in female solid Ehrlich ascites tumor mice of Swiss strain. The complexes were administered intraperitoneally: 30-50 micrograms of each complex with an activity of 40-120 microCi. Activity distribution factors (ADF) and tumor/non-tumor ratios for(More)
A method was developed for labeling bleomycin with 51Cr. The complex was administered to mice (Swiss and C57-B1/6) bearing 5 transplantable tumours: Ehrlich ascites tumour, NK/Ly lymphoma, Lewis lung carcinoma, melanoma B-16, and Sarcoma 180. Activity concentration in neoplasms, blood and numerous organs was determined 12, 24 and 48 hrs after injection. An(More)
Concentrations were studied of 58Co in the solid Ehrlich ascites tumour, blood, muscle and bone of male Swiss mice administered as complexed with total bleomycin commercially available and its isolated fractions A2, B2, demethyl A2, A1, A5, B4 and bleomycinic acid. The tumour/non-tumour ratios were determined 24 hrs after injection of the complexes. The(More)
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