M J Quattrini

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120 patients, aged between 45 and 87 years, with a history of osteoarthritic disease of at least 12 months' duration and unilateral or bilateral hip pain, were randomly allocated to treatment with either nimesulide (100mg twice daily) or naproxen (500mg twice daily) for 4 weeks. Nimesulide was associated with a statistically significant improvement in the(More)
The authors, after a short introducing on the most used kinds of progestins in Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT), report this own clinical experience on the efficacy of a micronized progestin treatment given by the vaginal route in comparison with oral somministration, studying in details the protective effects on endometrial hyperplasia and cancer. The(More)
An acute pharmacokinetic investigation was carried out on 6 healthy subjects with 200 mg of epicutaneous 2-phenyl-4-p-chlorophenyl-thiazol-5-ylacetic acid (fentiazac) (5% cream) versus and equivalent dose of oral drug (coated tablets). The two pharmaceutical dosage forms were given to same subjects at a one-week interval according to a cross-over design.(More)
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