M. J. Pueschel

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A hitherto unexplained feature of electromagnetic simulations of ion temperature gradient turbulence is the apparent failure of the transport levels to saturate for certain parameters; this effect, termed here nonzonal transition, has been referred to as the high-β runaway. The resulting large heat fluxes are shown to be a consequence of reduced zonal flow(More)
Workshop Description: The complexity of software development has led to many efforts aimed at raising the level of abstraction for the programmer. This includes both object-oriented general-purpose approaches and domain-specific languages and libraries. While performance considerations are not paramount for all domains, there are many domains where high(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t Non-physical effects of discretization schemes on simulations of plasma microturbulence are investigated, and different types of hyperdiffusion terms in the gyrokinetic Vlasov equation are employed to cancel or mitigate these effects. Widely applicable rules on how to operate parallel spatial and velocity space(More)
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