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RTL-to-gate logic equivalence checking is a very critical step inside circuit design flows. It is used to make sure the gate-level circuit doesn’t alter functional behaviors of the RTL. Of the various commercial logic equivalence checking tools, Combinational Equivalence Checking (CEC) tools are often used to prove equivalence between RTL and gate due to(More)
UC 729-6, a 6-thioguanine resistant human lymphoblastoid B cell line, was fused with human lymphocytes by electrofusion. Resulting human-human hybridomas were tetraploid, expressed markers derived from both fusion parents, and secreted approximately 1 microgram Ig/10(6) cells/ml/day. Cells to be used for electrofusion were washed in 0.3M mannitol, and(More)
The first release of the International Standard STEP (ISO 10303) was made in 1994. It permits the exchange between dissimilar CAD systems of 2D drawings and of product models of the boundary representation type, including degenerate forms such as surface models and wireframes. However, the standard cannot currently capture and exchange the parametrization(More)
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