M J Pitcher

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On the application of hydrostatic pressures of up to 1.3 GPa, the superconducting transition temperatures (T(c)) of samples of LiFeAs are lowered approximately monotonically at approximately -2 K GPa(-1). Measurements of the X-ray powder diffraction pattern at hydrostatic pressures of up to 17 GPa applied by a He gas pressure medium in a diamond anvil cell(More)
A series of layered oxychalcogenide and oxypnictide solids is described that contain oxide layers separated by distinct layers, which contain the softer chalcogenide (S, Se, Te) or pnictide (P, As, Sb, Bi) anions. The relationships between the crystal structures adopted by these compounds are described, and the physical and chemical properties of these(More)
Ferroelectric and ferromagnetic materials exhibit long-range order of atomic-scale electric or magnetic dipoles that can be switched by applying an appropriate electric or magnetic field, respectively. Both switching phenomena form the basis of non-volatile random access memory, but in the ferroelectric case, this involves destructive electrical reading and(More)
Crystalline materials that combine electrical polarization and magnetization could be advantageous in applications such as information storage, but these properties are usually considered to have incompatible chemical bonding and electronic requirements. Recent theoretical work on perovskite materials suggested a route for combining both properties. We used(More)
Alkali metal intercalation into polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) has been studied intensely after reports of superconductivity in a number of potassium- and rubidium-intercalated materials. There are, however, no reported crystal structures to inform our understanding of the chemistry and physics because of the complex reactivity of PAHs with strong(More)
Dr. P. Mandal, Dr. A. Manjón-Sanz, Dr. A. J. Corkett, Dr. M. Zanella, Dr. M. R. Dolgos, Dr. U. Adem, Dr. X. Wan, Dr. M. J. Pitcher, Dr. J. B. Claridge, Prof. M. J. Rosseinsky Department of Chemistry University of Liverpool Liverpool L69 7ZD , UK E-mail: j.b.claridge@liv.ac.uk; m.j.rosseinsky@liv.ac.uk Dr. A. Manjón-Sanz, Prof. E. Nishibori, Prof. M. Takata(More)
A series of sertraline analogues 4-39 which possess polar groups on the fused tetrahydronaphthalene ring, targeting reduced V(d) as a strategy to reduce T(max) and increase rate of elevation of central 5-HT levels, were prepared. These studies led to the successful identification of 22a, which demonstrated equivalent pharmacology and metabolic stability to(More)
A series of substituted benzylamines 2-48 were prepared as part of a strategy to identify structurally differentiated and synthetically more accessible selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, relative to clinical candidate 1. In particular, 44 and 48; demonstrated low nanomolar potency and good selectivity, in a structurally simplified template and, in(More)